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MVP/ Product Development

Turn your idea into a fully functional product or platform. We can help you validate your idea, design a prototype, develop a MVP, and test it with real users. We can also help you scale your product, add new features, and optimize its performance

Staff augmentation

Hire IT specialists for web3 projects on a flexible basis. You will have full control over the project and the resources. We can have resources ready to start in less than a week

Agile Teams

Get a dedicated team to work on a specific project or goal. You will have a single point of contact, a project manager or a delivery manager, who will communicate with you regularly. We can have resources ready to start in just a few days

Projects were are proud of



Minticket is a ticketing company that collaborates with artists and organizers to enhance the overall event experience. Utilizing blockchain technology, they create traceable and authentic tickets, effectively reducing common issues like fraud and scalping that often hinder the enjoyment of attendees


We make our tickets using blockchain technology, ensuring that every ticket is traceable and authentic, while reducing the most common forms of fraud and scalping that tend to have a negative impact on the event goer’s experience


The Tasks

At Minticket, we partner with artists and organizers to elevate event experiences. Utilizing cutting-edge tools like digital wallet development, crypto transactions, blockchain, UX/UI research and design, and streamlined database architecture, we’re dedicated to ensuring excellence in every aspect

Cyber Security

We strengthen system security with advanced measures to prevent threats, conduct vulnerability analysis, and ensure the confidentiality of information. Our priority is to provide a secure and reliable digital environment

Database design

The design of databases in Minticket requires the implementation of a solution that can effectively manage important information and a high flow of transactions. Some of the technologies that we use provide a flexible and versatile interface

UX/UI Research and Design

Minticket’s design process is based on in-depth research and creating an intuitive interface. Through user analysis and prototyping in applications as figma we created an engaging user experience designed

Digital Wallet Development

Minticket’s digital wallet development involves advanced blockchain technology. These carefully integrated tools securely for us to create and manage digital wallets for all our clients

Crypto Transactions

Crypto Transactions in Minticket is performed reliably and securely through integrated dedicated tools. These technologies provide the infrastructure needed to interact with the Ethereum network


At the core of Minticket, blockchain technology is implemented using advanced Solidity tools. These technologies enable the construction and deployment of powerful and efficient smart contracts on the Ethereum network

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