Outsourcing Solutions Close to Home

The figure of outsourcing continues to grow in popularity in our globalized world. If you are not familiar with the term, outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring a third-party company to handle certain projects or particular areas of a business which have nothing to do with the economic activity of the company but more so with the day to day operation of the same; in other words, companies hire external assistance for specific tasks, the most common related to the areas of human resources, finances, technology, marketing, and publicity.

The main advantage of outsourcing is that the client eliminates headaches, simplifies its operation and brings down expenses, since having a team to do everything in-house can become pricy and involves a lot of resources, both human and financial.

Types of Outsourcing:

As I mentioned before, there are many tasks within a company that can be outsourced; and there are different types of outsourcing, you can outsource domestically to other companies in your country, which has advantages of course, but it’s a practice that doesn’t represent significant savings. This practice works well for accounting and financial services as well as human resources and marketing because having companies that understand the legislation and culture your company works under is important and necessary.

There’s offshore outsourcing, which as you may have already guessed, involves hiring companies overseas; this means a client in North America hires companies in India, China, Vietnam, to mention a few alternatives, with the purpose of bringing the operational costs down considerably. This usually works well for companies in the manufacturing industry, for instance, because the labor costs in these countries are considerably cheaper and the quality is good. And finally, nearshore outsourcing, which means going for companies overseas but closer to home. This is an ideal practice to keep flowing communication since the time difference is manageable, the language and culture are usually easier to grasp, and travel times are generally of just a few hours.

Costa Rica a Great Nearshore Outsourcing Alternative:

Nearshore outsourcing is ideal for technology related projects, popular locations include Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama; among these, Costa Rica has seen a huge growth in the recent years, becoming one of the preferred options for nearshore outsourcing of services because of the highly educated professionals, the large number of English speakers, the low costs in comparison to North America, and the high level of technology platforms and knowledge available in the country, plus it doesn’t hurt that the Government promotes these businesses through agencies such as the Foreign Commerce Promotion Agency (Procomer).

Development solutions are one of the most common nearshore outsourcing services sought by foreign companies in Costa Rica; software development, mobile applications, digital production, web development, among other technology related services, are offered in Costa Rica by companies such as Softon. Softon has built a reputation as a nearshore development company providing services for clients in the USA and Canada; with teams of professionals that can handle projects of all sizes and requirements, offering quality at affordable prices.

Whether you need a website developed, a mobile app or you require the development of complex software, nearshore development might be exactly what you need to bring your costs down while at the same time working with professionals that will deliver what you want and fulfill your expectations. Since Softonitg has opened its doors for business more than 10+ years ago, they have proven to be a leader in nearshore software development for businesses looking for the most practical way to outsource. Past clients are often attracted to Softon’s proven track record of delivering high quality code in an economical and timely manner. From handling the nearshore outsourcing needs of many Fortune 500 companies to a wide array of Start-ups, Softon is able to accommodate the specific needs of most projects no matter the scale.

Consider Costa Rica for your technological needs, and if development is what you need, Softonitg.com is an excellent alternative for nearshore outsourcing services for your company.