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Dancing Within – Geek Poetry

Poetry and Software Programming intertwine in a project created by Ishac Bertran in which you can find more information in Code Poems website.

When finding this project on the internet years ago, I found it greatly interesting and attractive to participate considering these was two of my most passionate abilities and they were trying to be fusion in the project.

One of the requirements of the code-poem is that it should compile (it must run correctly on the computer or server). So I stepped in and participated. I spent an afternoon manifesting this hybrid creation using the programming language I mostly work with: C#.

After an afternoon of interesting fusion of elements I was able to spawn the code-poem. So i sent it to participate on ,Ishac Bertran project. Months later I received an email and I was informed that my code-poem was selected to participate in the project, and afterwards book that was going to be published with many code-poems.

After some months later, the book was created, edited and published in Spain, and I received an offer to buy a limited edition of the book in which my code-poem resided. This book is now on my library.

It’s an interesting experience, a powerful creative idea and an alternative way to enter the psychology of what is possible and of the impossible. The code-poem will always obviously have the characteristic of poetry in which it can sometimes be interpreted and reflected on.

So I leave it there to you, thank you for reading!

Code Poetry
[cc lang="c#"]
using System;

public class PoemCode
private bool dancing_within()
Boolean me = true;
while (dancing_within())
var iables_of_light = "";
try { int elligently_to;
object ify_the_world_apart; }
catch (Exception s)
int o_the_broken_parts;
throw; int o_the_seed_of_life;

Random ashes_of = new Random();
float ing_devices;
short age_of;
char acter_will_never_let_you = 'b';
return me;

//Álvaro Matías Wong Díaz - C#


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