Costa rica Your best alternative

Costa Rica: Your Best Alternative

Costa Rica is a small country of only  51,100 square kilometers (19,700 square miles) located in Central America, right between Nicaragua and Panama; this country, many times confused with Puerto Rico, and sometimes thought of as an island (it is NOT an island), is the most peaceful, politically and financially stable of all countries in the Central American region.

Costa Rica has no army and this has allowed the government to focus its resources towards education and health; it is also a breathtakingly beautiful country, just last year it received over 1.5 million North American tourists.

Costa Rica also stands out as a destination for medical tourism, and more recently one of the best alternatives for offshore software development. The education, training and overall professional knowledge of Costa Ricans in these fields are equivalent to that of a North American worker but the price to pay for labor is considerably less in Costa Rica than in North America.

Get Quality Service For a Fraction of the Price:

Offshore software development or software engineering has become a common practice for many companies in the United States and Canada that are looking to have considerable savings without having to sacrifice in quality; this is one of the many advantages that globalization has brought, the talent pool is no longer limited to domestic resources, companies are able to find options that allow them to be competitive and more profitable; the fact that Costa Rica is just a short flight away is an added advantage and, well,  there are now more than every different technology tools that allow companies to keep track of progress in outsourced projects.

Costa Rica has several public and private Universities that offer careers in different technology and engineering fields; in addition, the country offers state of the art technology and infrastructure that allows many multinational companies to establish in the country, among them Intel, Hewlett Packard, Emerson and Microsoft to mention just a few; the fact that Costa Rica has many English speaking professionals is certainly another plus.

There are several companies that specialize in offshore software development services, Softonitg.com is one of them,  and provides, among other solutions, web development, mobile development, front-end development and staff augmentation, guaranteeing in this way access to qualified professionals with the necessary knowledge, profile, and experience.

It is important to note that when it comes to outsourcing, the success of the endeavor will also depend on the company you choose to hire, companies like Softonitg.com don’t just focus on providing the necessary resources for your project but also supervise the progress of the project, provide reports and help manage the tasks from beginning to end, making the process smooth and much simpler for the client.

If you need software development, going for an offshore outsourcing service may be just what you are looking for to simplify your life, cut costs and get a high-quality product, consider Costa Rica, consider Softonitg.com.